Wow, thiSA 2010s year flew by and everyone is running around, wrapping up, reviewing and planning for the year ahead…

… and South Africa is ‘kicking the ball’ and ‘blowing the vuvuzela’ to get everything in order for the Soccer World Cup.

Francis and I are also having our fair share of  “year-end running around” sessions to get our business planning in place before the family arrive for a well deserve bi-annual Christmas get-together.

Wednesday night when waiting to attend a VA-networking webinar at 01h00 (yes at night and it was well worth the wait!), I thought about “today” and wondered whether “today still matters” to us.  Sometimes we are so busy dwelling in the past (wrapping up) and thinking about the future (planning) that the today of our lives passes us by without any notice.

Having said that, I am the first to admit that the way you live today have an enormous impact on your tomorrow and that today’s actions lead to tomorrow’s successes or failures.

Preparation today, gives you confidence for tomorrow

Preparation is key to confidence. It does not matter whether you are marketing your virtual assistant business, responding to an RFP or consulting with a client, if you are well prepared you will have the confidence to take on the “world”.

Good decisions today will lead to a better tomorrow

Yeah, yeah decisions are not always simple, but they are necessary for success. When opportunity knocks, forget about procrastination. Take the bull by the horns, do the necessary evaluation and make the decision today because tomorrow might be too late.

The disciplines you practice today will lead to tomorrow’s successes

You can make all the good decisions in life and you can prepare as well as you possibly can, but if you do not practice good discipline to work and implement your decisions on a daily basis, you will not reap the success.

There is an old saying that ‘Noah did not wait for his ship to come in; he built one!’  Take today to “build your ship” for 2010.

My wish for you for 2010 isVA Ship

  • to take advantage of your “today”
  • to make a few key decisions in your life and
  • to manage them into your daily activities to steer you towards your 2010 dreams.