Our survey resulted in a number of excellent and interesting questions. Thanks to everyone that participated.

We’ve grouped al the questions and fit them into the following categories and listed a few typical questions that were asked.

Main Categories

I. How to start Virtual Assistant business (12 questions)

  1. How do I go about starting my own virtual assistant business?
  2. Do I work for you, or do I have to start my own entity?

II.Marketing, Networking and Getting Clients (35 Questions)

    • What are the best marketing tips for getting a VA business off the ground?
    • How do I network with clients without sounding needy?
    • My main question is where do I get clients. All I want to do is typing?

      III. Services (7 Questions)

        • How much PA work is out there that we as VAs can do?
        • What are the most sought after skills requested by clients?

          IV. Determining Rates and Payment Processing (11 Questions)

            • I just don’t know what rates to charge or how to determine it
            • What can I use for international or overseas payments – to be able to withdraw money in SA?

              V. VA Training (3 Questions)

                • What training is  available in South Africa

                  VI. VA Business and Business Practices (12 Questions)

                    • Do I need to change my tax status with SARS?
                    • How do you work with a client virtually?
                    • Is South Africa ready for Virtual Assistants

                      VII. Technology (3 Questions)

                        • How do you keep up to date with the newest technology?

                          VIII. Educating Clients about Virtual Assistance (8 Questions)

                            • How do you convince clients of the benefits of hiring a VA

                              IX. Website (4 Questions)

                                • Who can I use as a host for my website

                                  X. Niche and Target Markets(3 Questions)

                                    • How do I establish myself as an expert in my niche

                                      XI. Time management (4 Question)

                                        • Where do I find the time to do all I need to do for my clients

                                          XII. Equipment (4 Questions)

                                            • What are the basic/minimum requirements in terms of hardware / software and communication equipment?

                                              XIII. Mentoring (3 Questions)

                                                • Do I need a mentor and how do I find the right mentor

                                                  Stay tuned as we will be answering these (and more) burning questions soon.

                                                  If you can think about something that is not on the list, feel free to pop it into the comment box below.