… on South African Soil. 


fifaYes, I am talking about the FIFA 2010 soccer world cup that kicks off in less than 70 hours in Johannesburg, South Africa.

It almost feels unreal to realize that it IS going to happen.  The announcement on 15 May 2004, that South Africa is to host the next World Cup in 2010, made me so proud but also filled me with fear that we are not going to be up to it. 

BUT  for Danny Jordaan there was no fear in the announcement.  His journey began 10 years prior to the announcement when he started working on SA’s first bid for the 2006 World Cup.  Although we’ve lost that bid in 2000 to Germany by one vote, he did not give up and started again only to taste the reward of his beliefs and hard work in 2004.

Today, 2216 days after the announcement Jordaan’s dream is finally coming to fruition as we are looking forward to the kick off on Friday the 11th

Are you also proud?  Did everything that goes with the preparations etcetera also surpass your wildest expectations?


But you know what.  It did not happen overnight.  It took years of pre-planning to get the bid and it took more than 6 years of planning, dedication and hard work after the bid for this majestic dream to come true.

 Starting your own virtual assistant business works the same.  You might not reap results overnight, but if you have a dream you’re halfway there.   The secret is to belief in your dream, to do everything in you power (pre-planning) to make your dream come true (founding your business) and then act on the planning to reap the rewards of the Biggest Event Ever you’ve dreamed about.

When Danny Jordaan was asked in 2004 how excited he was about the World Cup he said:  “Excitement is something that lasts for 90 minutes in football.  This is an engagement that lasts five years.”    Use these words to build your business and surpass your wildest expectations.

Be Virtual Assistant Wise is a proud supporter of …bafanaEnjoy the World Cup!