To have a business that is profitable, sustainable and providing a steady stream of income, any Virtual Assistant needs a certain number of clients and income a month.

But why do so many VAs struggle to find clients and make good money in their businesses?

Is it perhaps because they make 1 or more of the 4 biggest marketing mistakes?

So, let’s look at what these mistakes are, so you can correct them if they are present in your business.
1. You are unclear about who your ideal clients are. The problem with this one is: When you are not clear who your targeted audience is, your marketing message becomes diluted. You start to speak to all sorts of different people and in the process you confuse them and yourself. Potential clients don’t really understand how you can help them, they have lots of questions about what you exactly do and because of that confusion, they don’t buy. As a result of this….

2. You spend too much time, money and effort to market your services to “tire-kickers” – people who will never buy from you.

3. You don’t have a clear marketing message. When you don’t know exactly who your ideal clients are, your marketing message does not “speak” to your potential clients.  It is difficult for them to connect to you in such a way that they understand you are their problem solver. People are quite selfish and if they can’t see how you can solve their problems, they most of the time don’t buy.

4. You’re not promoting your services continuously. The only way to eliminate the 3am “I don’t have clients sweat” is to constantly promote your business and your services. The problem is, VAs sometimes tend to hide behind their computers or only market and promote their businesses when the appointment book looks a bit empty. Then they start to wonder why their businesses are not working and why they don’t have clients consistently.

Luckily it is not too difficult to prevent these mistakes or to correct them.

To ensure a steady stream of clients and a reliable income is to know your ideal clients, then have consistent and varied marketing outreach to pull these ideal clients towards you with a clear and compelling message.

Your next steps for this week:

  • Identify who your ideal client/target market is;
  • Identify their biggest problems and challenges and create a compelling message to show how you can solve their problems;
  • Identify the best methods to get your message in front of your ideal clients;
  • Take action and spread your message.

I would love to hear your thoughts on more marketing mistakes. Just comment below.