Don’t Stay Behind – The World is Moving!

Internet technology changes at an alarming pace and these changes have a profound impact on the Virtual Assistant industry. The technology boom gives

  • clients so many new services that they can demand and
  • Virtual Assistants so many new areas to specialise in…

In this dynamic environment, the ability to change and adapt is essential. For some VAs it can be a scary experience, but for others it can open up many new and exciting niche areas to tap into for their virtual assistant businesses. technology change1

I want to explain 4 hot VA niches on the hand of the following example:

Let’s take a scenario: Erica sells children’s party goodies in her hometown. She has a number of regular local clients, and decided to put up an informational website about children’s parties – just for fun. Suddenly she receives some requests from new clients in the neighbouring town. She is doing fairly good with her business, but realises that with a proper internet marketing campaign, much more people will be able to find her on-line.

So she hires an Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant to help her create a unique brand with tasks such as

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay per click advertising (PPC)
  • Keyword research
  • Article marketing
  • Email campaigns
  • Direct mailing campaigns and
  • Link building

Business is booming and Erica is chatting happily on Facebook and Twitter with her friends about the positive changes a good internet marketing campaign had for her business.

Erica however realises that she can do so much more with social media and hires a Social Media Marketing VA to help her

  • Create a social media strategy and marketing plan
  • Setup and maintain her social profiles
  • Create business relationship
  • Perform online video marketing and
  • Monitor her online reputation

However, Erica has a huge problem. After her intensive marketing campaigns, she’s receiving requests form customers all over the world to buy her children’s party goodies, but she has no knowledge of how to setup a system to sell it online.

So, she hires an expert – a VA specialising in e-commerce to help her

  • Choose and set-up a merchant account and payment gateway.
  • Setup the shopping cart
  • Create and use auto responders
  • Setup a product list
  • Create a distribution and shipping plan and
  • Setup an affiliate program

Erica’s business grew exponentially and she sold some franchises of her business to women all over the world. However, she needs to give training to these ladies to help them establish their businesses to enhance her party goodies brand. Erica also wants to establish herself as an expert in her niche.

She partners with of a Virtual Event Specialist VA to assist her with setting-up and managing various virtual events including

  • Tele-events,
  • Webinars and Webcasts for training
  • Online Radio Shows, Live Podcasting and
  • Live Streaming TV Shows for establishing herself as an expert.

Erica is happy! Her business is on a roll – thanks to expert Virtual Assistants that could guide and assist her with key processes along the way.


The example above only lends itself to 4 exciting niche areas that VAs can specialise in today. There are so much more to uncover and convert into profitable new niches for any virtual assistant business

The bottom line is however: Don’t be left behind – stay with the technology trends and start tapping into the many new niche areas and opportunities out there.  Take the bull by the horn, step out of your comfort zone, explore and investigate these opportunities and then grab those that excite you.

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