Sometimes we are confronted with roadblocks in our business path – things that seem so huge at the time, we wonder if we’ll ever be able to overcome them.


When you are at such a roadblock you normally have 2 choices. Either …

  1. Take action to get over the obstacle in your path, or
  2. Give up and try to find a route that do not have those obstacles.

The first choice will usually lead to your goals much faster, but it is often difficult to do and will require that you move way out of your comfort zone.

The second choice will most probably be much easier. You will be able to stay securely in your “zone”, but you might not reach your goals.

The question only you can answer is this:

Will you take action to grow your business – in spite of the roadblocks?

Or will you turn back and carry on just wishing and dreaming – because of the roadblocks?

My advice today: Make the decision to take action. Your current and future clients are depending on you to do it!

PS: I would love to hear your thoughts on this.