Working in a virtual services environment, is extremely satisfying because you can create your own destiny and work your dream career.

Creating this dream career however, all starts with identifying what skills you already have or want to obtain. Then translating that skills into specific services you can offer to solve the problems and frustrations of your clients.

Your skills inventory (those things you can do and are good at) is therefore the most valuable asset you have in your business!

Because the better you

  • understand exactly what skills you bring to the table,
  • can clearly describe your skills and accomplishments and
  • understand how your skills can solve your clients most pressing frustrations,

the stronger your business will be.

The thing is: your potential clients are all very busy to grow their own businesses. These clients are also most of the time not very strong on their own admin and they are really not technically savvy. So, they struggle each day with a lot of non-essential tasks in their businesses that are just a burden and a big frustration to them.

There’s also a whole lot of stuff these potential clients just don’t know about. Stuff that can help them grow their businesses, or solve their biggest frustrations. They don’t know about it, often because they do not have the time to find out about the solutions!

And since they don’t know about the solutions, they struggle on their own to…

  • do their admin, or
  • get a new website online, or
  • participate in social media or
  • sell their products and services online or
  • stay in touch with their clients or
  • make their own travel arrangements or
  • doing their own internet research
  • etc. etc.

They are also frustrated because none of these tasks are part of their core business – it is just eating up their time. But they know these tasks need to be done if they want to build their businesses.

This is where you come in with your unique talents and skills and where your skills become your most valuable asset – because it can solve these frustrations for your clients!

When you understand exactly what your skills are and also understand exactly how your skills can solve your clients’ most pressing needs, this asset will help you bring in clients and money into your business – every time.

So, take inventory of your skills today. Make a list of all the skills you have and all the skills you want to obtain and re-evaluate how you can use that to solve your client’s frustrations and pain and maximise your income.