About two years ago my son phoned me one morning and asks me to log onto a well known jewellery store’s web site to take a look at their selection of engagement rings.  He was in the process of getting engaged.

At first, I was quite amazed but I soon realized that “this is how the younger generation is doing business”.

The matter of the fact is, he browsed several websites to see what’s available but he only visited ONE jewellery store and bought his fiancé’s ring.  The scary fact is that jewellery stores without web sites were not even considered.

WOW, to me the above underlines a very important fact we tend to oversee.   Running  a Virtual Assistant business without a website is like missing out on a goldmine of potential clients.

searchNowadays more and more people (not only the youngsters) are using the internet to browse for business solutions and information.  Whether you are looking for potential clients or are searching for products, services or information, the internet introduces you to anything by the click of a “mouse”.

Use it or Lose it? Decide for yourself!

If you do not have a website for your virtual assistant business, you …

  • will not have 24/7 exposure 365 days a year
  • will not have an online showcase for your business and services
  • will experience difficulty to cross geographical borders
  • will hardly reach a global audience
  • will struggle to get more cost effective promotion – hard copy advertising is very expensive
  • will not be able to keep your clients updated and informed by the click of a button

Nine out of Ten Virtual Assistants agree …

a web site is an absolute necessity to build an effective and profitable Virtual Assistant Business. 

Don’t be the one who is losing out!