listening to clientsDid you know that listening to clients is one of the most valuable weapons in your marketing arsenal?

We often take “listening” for granted…

But, when you become good at it and when you listen to– and understand what people REALLY say, you gather important information that can shape the future of your business.

We can compare “listening to clients” with eating a jawbreaker – those round sweets that consist of several layers and are so hard that you just cannot bite through them without breaking a tooth. When you eat a jawbreaker you have to suck through the hard shell and the different colored layers to eventually reach the soft, yummi core of the sweet.

It works the same with listening when you want to create a connection with your clients and experience that unique client chemistry where you truly understand them and they truly trust your abilities. You have to figuratively suck through the hard shell and the different layers of your clients to eventually reach the core essentials (the soft, yummi part) of what they really want….and you can only reach that core through attentively listening to clients.

When your clients are doing the talking, you gain a window into what he or she is thinking and by carefully listening to what they say, you gather valuable information that can help you:

  • understand their needs
  • connect with them better
  • provide tailor-made support
  • solve their problems
  • create more trust and understanding
  • tailor your marketing message
  • improve your marketing strategies
  • and eventually get more clients…

So, next time you have a discussion with a prospective client; are on the phone with an existing client… or even when you are just in a social conversation with someone else, keep the following listening tips in mind:

1. Listen with concentration

Be fully present in the conversation. Open your mind and ears and be receptive to the messages the other person is giving. Start listening from the first word and give the person your undivided attention. When people talk to you, listen and concentrate to make sure you hear what they are saying. Good listeners are not passive and they do not drift away with thoughts of their own.


2. Listen without interruption

The purpose of listening is to understand the message. Although you might think you know and understand what your clients want to say, avoid the urge to interrupt or finish their sentences. Be polite, listen carefully and always “put your brain into gear before you put your mouth into motion”.


3. Listen with the mindset to discuss

Effective listening is not a one way street. Make notes of what is being said and ask open ended questions. By asking the right questions, you are not only encouraging your client to do the talking, but it also allow you to get the key information you need about what your prospect is really looking for. Then take part in the conversation.

Ralph Nichols said “The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them.”

So now it is over to you…:)

Share with us below how listening to clients has helped you in the past…and if you liked this post please do share it. Thanks!

~ Francis xo