It is up to you to make your mark in the Virtual Assistant industry.

Everybody want to be successful!

Everybody wants to have more clients, make more money, be recognised in their industry and feel good about themselves. It is life and part of being human. Unfortunately there is no magic wand that can make all of this happen.

The plain truth is that what you are and what you become is totally up to you.itsuptoyou2

I was recently confronted with the questions

• “Who motivates the motivator”

• “What do you do with information you receive at seminars, online training, webinars, teleconferences, email newsletter etc. etc.”

• “How will your business look a year from now”

• “When are you going to implement what you’ve learned”

…and then realized it is totally up to me to make my mark.

To go from ordinary to extraordinary I should “decide to do”.

Running your own business requires more than just following the flow of things that are thrown your way, it involves actively steering your business in the direction that you want it to go into. It requires from you to:

Be your own motivator;

• Sift through the sea of information that you receive on a daily basis and take action on the things that can help you make your mark;

Renew and/or set goals and targets in order to grow your business to its full potential;

• And the most important one – Implement what you’ve decided to do.

The truth is:

There is a fine line between dreams and reality;

it’s up to you to draw it.” ~B. Quilliam~