Imagine if you had a chance to build a business without spending ALOT of money on recourses.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

Well …

why don’t you do just that?

It’s no secret that forums are one of the most powerful business-building tools on the planet, yet we refrain from using it.

Why?  Are we scared?  Don’t we have the confidence?  Don’t we have the time?  Or are we just plain uninformed?

Building a virtual assistant business is never easy.  There are numerous things to take into consideration and sometimes money fly without being noticed.  You have to pay for this, that and the other in order to build a successful business and valuable information doesn’t come cheap.  And that is not enough you sometimes feel all on your own with nobody to talk to, to ask questions to or to share your experience with.

Put your hand up if you have ever experienced the above?   Tough isn’t it?

Well, believe it or not, you are not alone in the virtual world.  There IS a place where you can get support for FREE!!

FORUMS!!! A forum can become the heartbeat of free information for your business.

Why not making use of them?  Forums are public places where people gather to discuss a mixture of topics.  The most important purpose of forums is to provide an area where users can debate, discuss and ask questions on a certain topic.  It is a place where you can learn new ideas, refine old ones and keep up with current events.

It is an excellent way to meet people who share common interests and to learn more about the topic or industry you’re interested or involved in.  It can be a fun-to-be-part-of educational and supportive community.

BUT it doesn’t just happen?  Forums need members and PARTICIPATION to become the valuable tool it was designed to be.


Make use of it and take us up on the above invitation.  Together we can grow the forum to a powerful business-building tool.

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