Selling is NOT bad!

But personally, I feel much more comfortable when I can take most of the bad selling out of the equation and rather include strategies for good selling – strategies where I don’t push and harass people to work with me, but rather pull and attract prospects and let them make the decision to work with me.

The difference is:

  • With push marketing strategies you try so hard to convince potential clients to work with you.
  • With pull marketing strategies, prospects often have to convince you to work with them.

So, pull marketing strategies turn the tables and make selling so much fun!

An authentic pull marketing strategy starts with the following basics:

1. Be clear on who your ideal clients are. If you are clear about who you want to work with, it makes marketing and getting clients so much easier. You know what they struggle with, where to find them, what to say to them and how to effectively attract and pull them towards you.

2. Have a clear marketing message. A clear marketing message starts with knowing who your clients are, because then you can develop a message that speaks to them, eliminates confusion, helps prospects to identify and connect with you and makes it easier for them to decide to work with you.

3. Use marketing methods best suited for your business. One of the biggest mistakes virtual service providers make is to use marketing methods that do not suite their business. This includes marketing in the wrong places and to the wrong people – people who often do not need what you have to offer; do not value you or your services or ask a lot of questions, without real intentions to work with you.

4. Have an authentic process to turn prospects into paying clients. Prospects love to buy, but they don’t like to be sold. Prospects need to sell themselves and when you put an authentic process in place for closing the sale where they make the decision to work with you willingly – it becomes their job to convince you to take them on as a client.

By implementing effective marketing strategies to pull clients towards you, you will start attracting people, simply because you’ve build relationships and trust over time, showed authority in your field and provided massive value where needed.

If done right, you’ll realise that selling is not bad and that getting clients through pull marketing strategies can be your single greatest source of new business.