Virtual Assistance is spreading across the world and has become widely recognized as one of the most desirable businesses to start from home.

There are many reasons that motivate and inspire people to take action. Here’s just a snapshot of some of the more logical and somewhat crazy (but valid) reasons for becoming a Virtual Assistant.

10 Logical Reasons For Becoming a VA

  1. Having your own profitable business (from home)
  2. Not spending an arm and a leg on starting a business. Start-up costs relatively low – you probably have the most essential equipment already.
  3. Using your existing skills and experience to earn a good income.
  4. Having control over your income – no more waiting for a pay raise or promotion before you can increase your income.
  5. Creating your own job happiness – working with the clients you want and doing the work you like.
  6. Determining your own hours and work schedule – priceless
  7. Have the freedom to start small and the option to grow and expand your business as big as you want it to be.
  8. Being your own boss. Setting your own rules, goals, and objectives to fit your lifestyle and your needs.
  9. Creating job security – No more worrying about being redundant or being let go when a company is downsizing.
  10. Saving on transportation costs – no commuting to an office halfway across the city.

10 Crazy (but perfectly valid) Reasons For Becoming a VA

  1. Taking the kids to after-school sporting practice…or to the dentist – anytime you want.
  2. Being available for important “first’s” – that first word or the first step, the first day at school, the first sport event, the first excitement about a new girlfriend/ boyfriend.
  3. No more feeling guilty to take time off work to wait for maintenance people coming to your house.
  4. Having complete control over the design of your workspace.
  5. Taking a break anytime to do some exercise – even doing it next to your desk.
  6. No more sharing of toilets and wet hand towels!
  7. No more rushing to get yourself, kids and hubby ready and out the door in the mornings
  8. Less chaotic evenings for cooking a wholesome dinner.
  9. Saving on wardrobe costs – no need for expensive office clothes.
  10. Contributing to a “Greener” environment. No daily commuting; no emissions being released from your vehicle; less pollution and less traffic. Nice. Being a VA even means doing your part to decongest traffic on the roads and contributing to be “green” : )

What other reasons can you can think off that makes working from home so much fun. Share it with us in the comment box below.