What is your reaction when your alarm goes off in the morning?  Is it …  “Oh no!!  Not now!!  I don’t want to get up.  It’s going to be another horrible day.”


What comes to your mind when you have to meet with a new client?  Is it … “What are the odds of me getting this job?”


What is your reaction when you have to do marketing?  Is it … “Why am I wasting my time it never pays off?”

Well, there is a reason why it’s going to be a horrible day, or why you are not getting the job and why marketing never pays off   and that reason is your companion!! 


When looking at successful people one may wonder what their secret to success is.

When talking to successful people you sooner or later discover their “secret”.  They’ve made the decision to choose the right companion.

Every human being has a companion or “mental chatter”. This companion sticks with you, closer than your shadow and never leaves you.  It opens its eyes with you in the morning and accompanies you until you fall asleep at night.

No wonder successful people are very conscious when they choose their mental chatters.

Bob Proctor, a philosopher, author and personal coach says the law of attraction is the secret to success.  He says:  “Everything that’s coming into your life you are attracting into your life … it’s all about what you’re thinking.”

John Assaraf an entrepreneur and moneymaking expert goes a bit further.  He says:  “The simplest way for me to look at the law of attraction is if I think of myself as a magnet, and I know that a magnet will attract to it.”

Looking at the above it seems to me that our mental chatter is a powerful magnet and we should be very careful what we feed into our minds.  Jim Rohn has the saying:  “Garbage in, garbage out” and I tend to agree with him.

Decide today to choose your companion to be your positive mental chatter. Instead of hitting the alarm clock with a hammer, jump out of bed in the morning, fill your thoughts with positivity and use your mental chatter to attract to you whatever you want to have and achieve.

Albert Einstein said:  “Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Spoil yourself and read “the Secret” by Rhonda Byrne