One of the inevitable aspects of life is that we are bombarded with millions of choices each day. It starts early morning with choices of; will you snooze the alarm another 5 min, what you will wear, what you will make for breakfast, what road to take to work, what email to read first…. It just goes on and on… and we make all these choices on a daily basis without even really thinking about it.choose-success

But, have you ever thought about the process of making a “choice” and how it works? I certainly haven’t until I got the idea to write about it. Well, according to Wikipedia, a choice consists of the mental process of judging the merits of multiple options and then selecting one of them.

Another inevitable thing in life is that we have to live with the consequences of our choices. Just like snoozing the alarm clock for 5min and accidently in the haze of sleepiness pressing the “off” button to only awake an hour later, rushing through the morning routine, dropping the children late at school etc. etc. – you get the point.

But luckily there is also a positive side to choices. We can consciously choose something that can have a vast impact on our life, our business and our income.

Such as Choosing Mastery

You might think that mastery in the Virtual Assistant industry is extremely hard, because you should become an expert in everything – and that it is just an impossible task.

Well, in reality you don’t have to become an expert in everything. If you do ONLY 1 or 2 things really well, you can become a master in that one area and create a lucrative business for yourself.

The challenge however in the Virtual Assistant industry is that there are so many areas that can be mastered. We are bombarded daily with new email promotions and new service offering and niche areas and future trends of the VA industry that it is so easy to get confused of where to start and what to do.

Have you ever been in the position that you DO make a decision to try something, you invest a bit of money and start working at it, spending time and digging into it. At some point however you feel that it’s not really returning the investment you’ve hoped for. Before you know it, you start looking for something new – the next best thing to spend your time and money on.  The process just starts over again – without ever finding the “pot of gold” that you’re looking for.

Unfortunately in this process of moving from one big idea to another, we were only digging a lot of small holes. It’s becoming a vicious circle of “Jack of all trades” and a “Master of None”

So, what do we have to do then?

Well, it’s actually really simple.

Discover and choose 1 thing in your business that you think can be most helpful in taking it to the next level (maybe a skill or a certain piece of knowledge). Then spend some time, even a year or more if you need and MASTER that one thing – become extremely good at it. So good that people are starting to talk about you and your business and create word of mouth advertising for you – in my opinion the ultimate way of obtaining new clients.

And the NICE thing about mastery is that it doesn’t need to stop at only one topic. When you mastered one topic or area in your business, you can move on to the next one and the next one, continuously expanding your expertise and your client base and ultimately … your income.

The secret in becoming an expert Virtual Assistant is therefore to stop digging small holes and giving up on your plans too often, but start digging deep enough on one important aspect of your business to find the “pot of gold”.

PS: We’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Just use the comment box below.