With more than 840 million active Facebook users and an Alexa ranking of 2, Virtual Assistants should surely consider using Facebook to establish a unique business footprint.

Here are 6 ways Facebook can benefit your Virtual Assistant business:

1. Increase Visibility – Facebook can be a great resource for generating visibility. If people don’t know about you, how will they work with you?  But as you expand your network on Facebook and more people become connected with you, you become more visible and increase the chances to attract new clients.

2. Increase Know, Like and Trust Factor –  When a potential clients Like your Facebook page and receives constant valuable updates from you on their profiles, the more familiar they become with you and your business. This builds the know, like and trust factor and can encourage people to share information about you with their friends and/or start working with you.

3. Increase marketing reach – The simplicity of sharing information with friends and family via Facebook is a wonderful platform for potentially going viral with your brand and increasing your marketing reach. Facebook empowers your clients and friends to share information they like with their friends. Since the average person on Facebook has around 130 friends, this means that anything the average person comments on or likes on your page is automatically shared with their 130 friends. This can increase your marketing reach significantly.

4. Increase Client Engagement – Facebook is a great medium for reaching out to your clients and potential clients in a personal way which encourages interaction, feedback, sharing of information, communicating promotions, contest and events. It encourages clients and potential clients to get engaged and create a positive affiliation with you and your business.

5. Track Client Behaviour – Facebook helps you to understand how people interact with your page, what they find useful, what they like and what comments they share. This gives you insight into how to increase your visibility, marketing reach and client engagement – thus improving the know, like and trust factor.

5. Drive Web Traffic – By sharing content from your blog, special promotions and events on Facebook, it acts as a portal point for driving traffic back to your website and potentially increase the probability of people entering your clients pipeline.

The bottom line is, using Facebook effectively for your business can enhance your marketing efforts and help you get more clients.