Becoming a Virtual Assistant is almost as diverse as the colours of a beautiful sunset.

Watching a beautiful sunset the other day I couldn’t help thinking about the wonder and diversity of colour.  Yellow, orange, pink, Virtual Assistant Tipsblue … actually numerous colours danced in synergy on the horizon to give pleasure to its spectators and I was really thankful that sunsets are not only different shades of grey and white and that they differ from day to day.

While sitting in astonishment, virtual assistant marketing crossed my mind.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to adopt a different approach when doing business?  What if the virtual admin assistant business approach has a sunset effect on its clients?  Will it make a difference?

When becoming a virtual assistant  it is imperative to be diverse and to make use of different astonishing approaches and tools when dealing with customers and clients.  In order to understand diversity, let’s compare business success to music.   Playing the piano will give you music, but by adding different musical instruments you will hear a symphony of sound.

Virtual Assistance is a different approach to the normal way of doing business.  When becoming a virtual assistant refrain from using the normal grey and white approach to do your  business.

Instead of  doing the same thing the same way for years on end, change the way you are going to run your virtual assistant business into a symphony of creativeness and reap rewards beyond your expectations.

Instead of setting your goals because you have to, think in colourful pictures and write down your dreams  Tip 1 – then act on them;

Instead of the normal sms to thank your clients for using you as their virtual admin assistant, Tip 2 – send them a personalised handwritten note;

Instead of using the same marketing methods and tools than everyone else, become creative and Tip 3 – do colourful virtual assistant marketing.  By reading articles about normal day to day activities you will be able to incorporate good ideas into your marketing plan;

Instead of killing the time, Tip 4 – visit and explore new virtual assistant internet sites to broaden your knowledge about what other virtual admin assistant “colleagues” do.  This can be very helpful in finding new ideas to incorporate  into your daily business activities;

Instead of being normal, Tip 5 – create a database of clients, friends and acquaintances and start sending them interesting information about your virtual assistant business.  This is an excellent way to built relationships and stay in front of people’s minds, so they will think of you when the need arises for your virtual assistant services. In addition, you might become a trusted source and people like to do business with people they trust.

Instead of only concentrating on business articles, Tip 6 – read general articles and mark what caught your eye.  Normal articles are sometimes jam packed with great ideas and examples for you to use in your business;

Instead of being prejudiced, Tip 7explore everything, see for yourself and get inspired by new ideas that could underline why you’ve decided that becoming a virtual assistant is what you want to do.

I really hope that these Virtual Assistant Tips will change your grey and white day into a colourful exploring journey.