“Marketing is not an event, it is a process . . .

It has a beginning, a middle, but never an end.marketing4

You improve it, perfect it, change it, even pause it, but you never stop it completely”

You may deliver the best virtual administrative services and support in the world, but if your target market doesn’t know about you, you won’t make a dime. Why be average?  Use your own dynamic approach and make sure you end up head and shoulders above the crowd…

1. Be Relevant

In today’s economic situation your target market might be bombarded with day to day “general” advertisements all the time.  Make your marketing efforts specific and relevant to their needs and you will win their heart.  Try to think like your target market.  Get inside their heads.  If you are able to identify what they need and how you can help them,  you’ve got them.

2. Make it “Extra Special”

Make every marketing effort “extra special”. I believe every person has a little board in front of his chest saying “make me feel important”.  If you can “make your clients feel important” they will definitely take notice and they will tell their friends as well.

If your clients ask for lemonade on a hot summer’s day, don’t just offer them lemonade like the others do.  Offer them lemonade with ice cubes, a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint.  That will make them feel important and special.

3. Be Where Your Target Market Is

At times you might think a certain event is a “high-way” for networking.  It might be, but the “traffic” might be wrong.  If your target market is business coaches, understand their “driving habits” and know which high way they use for networking.  It is important not to target the wrong traffic because you will be wasting valuable time and money.

4. Superior Timing

Think about your services and think about your niche market.  Knowing their behaviour will help you understand their needs and will enable you to market your services “when” they need it most. Make Sure Your Timing Is Right! When your targeted clients need a typist you should advertise typing services and when they need to expand their data base you should be able to pin point their need and advertise data base management.   That is Superior timing.

5. Twist The Norm

Be unexpected!  Be creative!  Be awesome!  Make your target market look at your marketing efforts in a way that they will have no choice than to listen, absorb and react.  Catch their eye, let them remember you and induce them to share their experience with others.

Dynamic Marketing is all about “talking” to your target market in a way that they feel special, understood and encouraged to make use of your solution to their needs.