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The VA Business Roadmap

FREE 4 Part Video Training to start a profitable and highly successful Virtual Assistant Business

The FIRST STEP in building a profitable Virtual Assistant business is to know where you are today.

Whether you just heard about the Virtual Assistant Industry, thinking about starting a Virtual Assistant business or have being a Virtual Assistant in South Africa for a while now, we have resources to help you.


So where are you in the process?

“I want to find out more about Virtual Assistance”

I’ve heard about Virtual Assistance and want to see if it is the right business / career for me. I want to know what it is, how it works and what I need to become a VA.

"I have lots of administrative experience and I’m ready to start a VA business."

I want a gentle hand to take me through the whole process step-by-step and I need support to figure out “what to do” and “how to do it” to get my business off the ground quickly and effectively.

“I want to grow my existing business, get more clients and increase my income”

I have an existing VA business and I’m ready to take it to the next level. I do some marketing, but the results from my marketing efforts are currently not what I expect it to be. I want a sustainable income and need guidance on how to get more clients, retain clients longer and build a profitable long-lasting business.

Serious Virtual Assistants focus on building a business that delivers ever growing profits and freedom for the rest of their lives

  • They know it is more rewarding to properly invest in themselves from the start.
  • They can get the necessary support and guidance early on in their business to ensure they do not waste valuable time.
  • They know the right support and training reduces the daily difficulties and pressures of running a self-owned business.

What’s in it for YOU…

You already have the skills and experience.

I simply help you to pull everything together and set-up your business correctly – right from the start.

You’ll ….

Get practical guidance to set up your office, set your rates, get clients and build a profitable business.

Get expert tips, from someone who has been there, done it (and made the mistakes so you don’t need to.)

Solidify your foundation so you can start to make real money in your business.

Gain confidence in yourself and your business

Have the freedom to do it at your own pace. Everyone is different and need a different timeline to implement actions

Experience long-term success

Having access to high quality virtual assistant training & resources can drastically improve your success rate.

Which of the following Programs will help you RIGHT NOW, to get the headstart you Want?

Jumpstart Your VA Business e-book
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VA Business Documentation
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Get More Clients
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Responding to a RFP
The RIGHT way

Create Marketing Momentum
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